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Write a 10 page essay on The American South, 1619-1865: To what extent is it true that relations between masters and slaves were always and everywhere marked by antagonism.

It was the period when slave trade, especially amongst the European colonies, was at it its peak and the Native Americans were exported to all round world and were used to carry out various laborious tasks. These salves were bartered for glass beads, whiskeys and other such lavish goods and then were made to work in fields on tobbacco,

sugar and indigo.

At that point in time there were no established laws against slavery and hence this was a business that was flourishing and no one had a question to ask. It was not surprising that racial discrimination was common in the world in that period and the assumed superiority of the whites over the colored skin had given them an unlimited power to use them in any way they wished.

During this time the colonial America was at a continued war with the Indians and extremely high mortality rates due to diseases and malnutrition meant that the European settlers were in great need of able bodied workers. This need of the Europeans was fulfilled by the Africans whose first crew landed at Jamestown in 1619. This marked the beginning of the Slavery era in America which continued till 1865 until the arrival of the 13th amendment that completely abolished slavery.

The initially slavery system comprised of indentured labor, under which the slave was to work for a given period of time until he had paid of his master after which he was freed and was allowed to own land and live a respectable life. It was not until the late 17th century that the indentured labor transformed itself into the brutal racial lifelong slavery.

The first traces of Africans in Colonial America were found in 1619 when a Dutch ship had captured 20 enslaved Africans in a battle with a Spanish ship in the Caribbean. The Dutch ship with the enslaved came ashore to Jamestown in the middle of 1619. The ship was severely damaged first by the war and then during a gushing storm that hit its course in the early summer. As stated earlier Europeans were at

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