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Case study reportThe Apple organisation provides an interesting case study in terms oforganisational management and change. Between 1993 and 1997, Apple wasstruggling to find a consistently profitable source of revenue. They developedeverything from digital cameras and portable CD players to TV appliances.The company had a range of CEOs after Steve Jobs had been removed fromthe position and nothing seemed to be working. Jobs was reinstated as CEOin 1997 and the company’s direction changed radically, with Apple focussingonce more on electronics, starting with the iMac in 1998. They also acquired thevideo editing and digital production companies and began to develop electronicsthat used these media. Apple led the digital music revolution with the iPodand iTunes. They reinvented the mobile phone with the iPhone and led mobilecomputing with the iPad. The iPod was an enormous success, selling over 100million units within six years of its 2001 launch. The iPhone produced a 100%year-over-year rise in sales according to CNN Money.(Adapted from of this would have been possible without organisational change in a bigway. The change management process required the program manager, inconjunction with key stakeholders and under the sponsorship of Steve Jobsto consider such things as cost benefit analysis, risk analysis, prioritisation ofchange requirements, the development of a change management project plan,processes for gaining approvals, how resources would be assigned and what thereporting protocols would be.Research “Apple” Organisation and write a report (3-4) pages about the changesat Apple, taking into account the following items:1. Completing a cost benefit analysis 2. Prioritising the change requirements from Low to High 3. Developing a Change Management Project Plan 4. Obtaining the necessary approvals before implementation 5. Assigning resources to the project and agree to relevant reporting protocolswith the relevant managers. 6. In your own words explain• how Apple identified how the changes needed to be made • what processes they took to develop a change management strategy• how it was implemented • what the outcomes were. 

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