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Hi, I need help with essay on What are the benefits of globalizing processes How the international relations are affected by this. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The concept is oversimplified and exaggerated (Scholte, 1). This is because the term globalization has diverse concepts of which five can be distinguished. As the first one, globalization can be defined from the internationalization perspective. It indicates economic and trade relations between different countries.

It refers to flow of capital investments as well as movement of people and ideas between countries. The second concept of globalization which is liberalization refers to removal of trade and border restrictions in order to promote free trade among countries. With this concept, amalgamation of international trade relations is generated. This kind of globalization can be actually seen in reduction and in many cases abolition of trade obstructions, visas and capital controls. Then there is the third concept that relates globalization with universalization. It can be defined as spreading of ideas and cultural experiences to people in every country to promote a common perspective of culture in global humanism. This concept is becoming more common with globalization of automobiles, Chinese restaurants, cattle rearing and so on. The fourth concept of globalization is modernization. it is a radical concept that spreads the notions of modernism like capitalism, industrialism, individualism all over the world. This process essentially destroys the prevalent cultures and regional concepts. This concept of globalization is evident in the imperialism of McDonalds, Hollywood and CNN. A fifth approach that has defined globalization is respatialization. It includes restructure of social borders with a growing transplanetary relation with people. Under the fifth concept, social space can no longer by defined by territorial borders and distances (Scholte, 16-17).

The benefit of globalization is very often a debatable issue wherein the major concern is the conditions of the developing third world countries. With the advent of globalization, some argue

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