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ng on the whole station and given a quick tour around the vast building would afford me the chance to see in person the people we often hear and see on TV. Mr. Jo Sun Sim, the head of the Scriptwriting department was quick to orient me with the whole scenario after which I was allowed to observe the actual preparations of drama casting.

I was a bit anxious on what today might have in store for me. I was introduced to Mr. Lee Hey Kyung, who will be my mentor for the next few days of exposure in this area. Mr. Kyung works in the drama department, as an editor and a scriptwriter on our famous Korean television drama series. He is a very easy-to-get-along type of person and takes his job seriously. I was then told to just observe his work so I may learn while pointing out some errors on the scripts.

I go the chance to read a few scripts on an on-going television series that was submitted. Due to the hectic schedule, I was thereby asked to go over some lines and recognize any errors I could find. These are printed materials that are to be used for the incoming days practice and actual shoot on the set. Considering the volume of a single day’s shooting, I was occupied the whole day for its preparation. Mr. Lee, went over my work and called it a day.

The whole studio is buzzed with activity today. Certain preparations were made for tomorrow’s actual shooting and Mr. Lee’s department were bombarded with chaos and the usual preparation problems according to the staff for the resumption of another shooting segment. I had to run around for errands, glad to be of help and in the same effort learn a lot from these minor assignments. Although pretty exhausting, at least I get the chance to see how the preparations are made.

The work that Mr. Lee edited that I was tasked to run through for minor errors was on roll today. I got to see the how the entire scenario that was edited was turned into a dramatic segment before my very eyes. I get to see how actors do their part

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