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I will pay for the following essay My vision of the modern lawyer in the 21st century. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Justice and fairness is a principle that many nations are advocating for in the 21st Century. The fundamental role played by diversity and dynamism of modern lawyers and modern law cannot be refuted. A dynamic character should be creative and innovative. In this regard, the modern lawyers cannot hold onto the old doctrines of operation, where so much time was needed to make a significant reform independent of external factors. Embracing this principle is a guarantee that commerciality of lawyers in the 21stCentury will be achieved.

Lawyers play a very crucial role of guiding their clients on legal matters. The services offered are not free of charge. In this regard, service delivery is accompanied by costs, which are basically the underlying principle incentive for duty and responsibility discharge. In other words, legal and business aspects are combined, where either party to this undertaking is a beneficiary. Going commercial is a desire for a 21st Century lawyer. The level of representation does not matter, but the activities undertaken therein do.

Lawyers provide their services at differentiated levels. Some operate simply as private consultants on legal matters, others practice advocacy, while others perfectly commercialize their services into commercial law firms. Whatever the case, it is evident that legal matters primarily determine how functional a lawyer is. For a 21st Century lawyer, the field and line of work should be enterprising, but most importantly competitive and effective. Therefore, the place of work does not really matter, but the quality of a lawyer’s output does.

Law, legal practice and related professions are highly influenced by one factor. the client. Contemporary trends have saw clients become more cautious on legal issues that surround them. The world has become a dynamic structure, and every now and then there is something new that seems to improve a given phenomenon. However, with these changes, there are underlying

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