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I will pay for the following essay Online game Parents should control their children’s online time. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The games are currently more entertaining due to advanced features added in them. This contributes to addiction which makes the game industry to grow very fast. Apart from addiction, online games have negative economic impacts because parents and teenagers spend their savings playing the games. It is difficult for some gamers, especially children to differentiate reality and cyber world. Study outcomes show that online games violence does not help in reducing real world problems as some people claim.

People are spending most of their time playing online games. Currently, studies show that a large percentage of children in the US play online games (Prot, McDonald, Anderson 2). They also show that young people play online games for about 2 hours a day. 25 percent of the young males spend about 4 hours playing online games (Prot, McDonald & Anderson 2). Children are the most affected because they make 79.9 percent of all the gamers globally (Fullerton, Taylor, Grande 1).

As people spend their time playing online games, they start focusing more on the game and forget the real world. Most people play games in order to escape reality. Games are currently more advanced and interesting. Consequently, people use them as way of relaxing. Others also use them to pursue their passions. For instance, those who like football and have never had a chance to play it in real world gain satisfaction by playing virtual games. In addition, people can play games that require opponents in real world such as chess. They do not need their friends in the virtual world. This has reduced people’s level of interaction in the society. People do not have much interaction with their families because the online games have become their first priority. The situation destroys relationships between family members.

The virtual game world affects people’s real lives because gamers bring problems from the gaming world to real life. In the virtual game world, people do

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