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I will pay for the following essay Leadership and managing human capital. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

nagement and leadership styles to better interact with their subordinates and hence to improve employee productivity and organizational performance thereby. It must be noted that there is no single best leadership style that suits all leaders or organizations. Therefore, managers need to identify the leadership style that would fit them best in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and the nature of the organization.

In order to evaluate the various roles and responsibilities of leaders and to assess the influence of leaders on the overall organizational performance, this paper will critically analyze six different scholarly articles talking about leadership models and managing human capital. In this paper, my personal leadership style and its relevance in the network and IT field (my area of work) will be scrutinized.

Learning charisma is an article written by John Antonakis, Marika Fenley and Sue Liechti (2012). According to the authors, charisma is based on values and feelings. The concept of charisma represents an ability a leader must develop to persuade others, to promote personal and moral credibility, and to enhance followers’ emotions and passions. The authors particularly argue that charisma can be an invaluable asset in any worksite environment. Charismatic leaders can help their followers to understand, connect, compare, contrast, and remember a message. Undoubtedly, this mental process would greatly assist people to evaluate a message critically and to perform their tasks efficiently. In addition, charismatic leaders specifically foster engagement because they find it the best way to keep their followers active and excited. Integrity, authority, and passion are some of the major characteristics of charismatic leaders. Charismatic leaders not only give suggestions to their audience but also put all those ideals into practice in their daily life.

What your leader expects of you and what you should expect in return is a research paper prepared by

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