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9. On Slide 6 (“Arcade”), promote the Current Classics subbulleted item so it becomes a first-level bulleted item with three subbulleted items. 10. Move Slide 5 (“Customer Comments”) so that it becomes Slide 6. 11. Add a new Slide 6 using the Title and Content layout with the slide title Go Carts and the following three first- level bulleted items: Two tracks Helmets provided Minimum age: 13 12. Under the Two tracks bulleted item, add the following subbullets: Twist and Turn—lots of curves Slick—go really fast 13. Animate the bulleted lists on Slides 2 through 7 using the Zoom animation. Do not use progressive disclosure for subbullets. 14. Add the Dissolve transition to Slide 1 (the title slide), add the Vortex transition to Slide 8 (“Contact Us”), and add the Gallery transition to the rest of the slides (Slides 2 through 7). 15. Apply a sound of your choice to the transitions on Slides 2 through 7. (Hint: Use the Sound button in the Timing group on the Transitions tab.) On Your Own 16. Display the slide number and current date on all slides, including the title slide. Add your name as a header on the notes and handouts. 17. Check the spelling in the presentation. Correct any spelling errors and ignore any words that are spelled correctly. 18. View the slide show. If you see any errors, press the Esc key to end the slide show, correct the error, and then start the slide show again from the current slide. Save the presentation. 19. Preview the presentation in grayscale, and then in pure black and white. If you have a color printer, switch back so the presentation will print in color. 20. Print the presentation as handouts with four slides per page arranged horizontally. Print Slide 2 (“Price Packages”) as a notes page. Print the presentation outline on one page. (If the outline does not fit on one page even after selecting Scale to Fit Paper, print it on two pages.) 21. Close the presentation

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Mike’s Mini Golf and MoreYour Name Here 3/12/14 Your Name here 1 Price Packages• Kitchen and lounge area cleaningincluding Sinks– – • CountertopsMicrowaves Cleaning of all main…

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