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Hispanic Women in Leadership roles in New Mexico Politics  

Assignment 2: Literature/Information Sources Search and Plan Submission

Search of Literature/Information Sources

Begin a literature/information source search of your topic to identify the background of the problem and uncover gaps in prior research and/or applied solutions. Your search of scholarly sources and other relevant published works will aid in narrowing the focus and scope of your investigation, providing a foundation for your research that advances the current knowledge on the topic and/or solves a problem of practice.


1.  Are Hispanic women underrepresented in New Mexico leadership roles? Also another problem; are Hispanic women in New Mexico being passed over from committee leadership roles in the New Mexico Legislature?

Purpose of Statement:

The study would accomplish if Hispanic women in New Mexico politics are being passed over not only in the legislature but in any leadership role committee within the  House of State Representatives.


1. Elected Hispanic women in official political positions in  New Mexico being given the opportunity to have roles and positive experiences within leadership committee roles?

2. Are life-experiences and or expertise being considered when leadership roles are available in the New Mexico legislature, aside from only men experiences and or expertise? 

3.  What are still the causes for not allowing Hispanic women to take leadership roles in New Mexico Legislature?

4.  Why are Hispanic women being passed over when it comes to leadership roles and advances, experiences to secure higher positions within the New Mexico Legislature?

My topic is: 

Hispanic Women in Leadership roles in New Mexico Politics  

  • is appropriate for the degree concentration, 
  • examines a problem within the field in which you seek your degree; and
  • makes an original and substantive contribution to your organization or the body of literature in your field.

 20 Search of Literature/Information Sources and APA Style. 

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