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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Read article A Pilot Program on Youth Engagement by Rachel Swaner and Elise White and describe 5 ethical, political or procedural challenges addressed in the report.

A Pilot Program on Youth Engagement by Rachel Swaner and Elise White gives some good examples ethical, political or procedural challenges that need to be addressed by researchers.

One of the ethical challenges is that a program may fail to have the desired impact. This mainly arises if the target population is not given a chance to actively participate in designing the program or campaign messages.

In order to address this, the programming of the youth ECHO was done in a way that it not only focused on serving the youths but also, it incorporated them as essential partners in its creation. For example, they helped to design semi-structured questionnaires for interviewing fellow youths and friends.

The developers took time to listen to and learn from the community, especially the youth. They used findings from youth group to identify the issues that the Youth ECHO campaign should address. In this way, the program reflected on the experiences of the youths while providing a sense of connection between the youths and the community and, between the youths and adults. The program made the speaker an insider, speaking from their cultural context and the context of youth disconnected from the mainstream culture. Through a series of discussions, the youths had the chance to select the strongest elements of the message that would be used in the final campaign, “Dealing Drugs: It’s Not Worth It.” In this way, the messages were not perceived as suspect.

This idea also helped to address the ethical issue of source credibility. By focusing on youths that are disconnected from the mainstream society, the program results are bound to be more reliable and valid. An example of a political challenge in research is that the research program or resultant campaigns could result to some unintended effects. For example, a research campaign on crime could increase crime prevention awareness but also, it could lead to a state of unwanted

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