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I will pay for the following essay Custome Relationship Management Assignment 2. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

mpany is mainly on sales of products as against the rendering of services, it would be said that he sales force automation will make a lot of sense in meeting the characteristic needs of the company by ensuring that the company is put in a position to rightly track all sale activities that take place within the company and especially about individual customers. This is said as sales force automation has a core internal system that ensures that there is contact management for identifying and recording each stage of the sales process for every other customer, right from the first contact that the customer makes with the company to the very last disposition that takes place (Humphrey, 2001). What this means is that sales force automation is going to make room for any of several customer relations management metrics to be used in measuring the outcome of the sales and its impact on the company. This may be done either by the traditional means or by use a modern marketing metrics.

The key objective to the marketing plan is to ensure that the company is put in a position to track the inputs of its customers by way of sales at an individualized level. Commonly, companies treat all customers as the same and so prepare a similar strategy towards their sales. Meanwhile, marketing research has showed that purchasing behavior of no two customers could be exactly the same and so it is always important that clients be looked at from an individualized perspective (Chen and So, 2002). It is also the objective of the marketing plan to find major areas of weaknesses and strengths for the company in terms of sales so that the right kind of inventory can be made to meet the exact needs of customers. In areas where there are weaknesses with sales, strategies would either have to be changed or modified.

The target markets are intended to be new markets where the products of the company have not reached as at yet. This is because by making these target markets and eventually having

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