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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Healthcare marketing for a Profit and Non-profit Business.

Healthcare marketing for a Profit and Non-profit Business al Affiliation: Healthcare marketing for a Profit and Non-profit Business

Profit and non-profit health care business has numerous similarities and differences. The marketing process also differs significantly because the main aim of profit marketing is to encourage the target market to buy the products or services being offered. However, non-profit health care marketing aims at encouraging people to donate (Kolb, 2008). Therefore, the return on investment between the two is completely differently.

The aim of marketing a profit health care business is to let the potential clients know about the existence of the products and services which can be of great benefit to them. In addition, the strategy persuades the new customers to test the products or services being offered. Moreover, it reminds the customers of the existence of the health care services and any new services that have been added. Furthermore, it aims at increasing the overall sales, an aspect that will play a critical role in increasing the profit of the business (Kolb, 2008). This is important in improving the competitive advantage of the heath care business in the market.

The marketing process of a non-profit health care aims at building awareness of a particular issue and gain the necessary financial support from the society. Furthermore, some of the marketing initiatives try to win the hearts of the members of the public in order for them to own the services. Through such moves, the health care is able to attract volunteers and donors (Berkowitz, 2006). Furthermore, the marketing strategies aim at attracting the attention of charitable organizations, government agencies, and businesses which can offer support through corporate social responsibility.


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