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Need an argumentative essay on – Compare and contrast the pros and cons of public and private sector security convergence efforts. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

e remunerations for the police officers are funded by the government thus they are accountable to the society in maintaining law and order in efforts to minimize crime. Owing to the nature and baseline of their responsibilities and roles, public security individuals are therefore unlimitedly tasked to gather intelligence information in their bid to successfully and effectively address all possible threats and factions which may in any way compromise the security situation of the state.

The recruitment and deployment of public security personnel remains at the helm of the national government and is done in relation to the need.

Private sector security involves the services offered by private organizations or individuals to provide personal security to individual’s homes, apartments and businesses. Private security guards are limited as they are unarmed compared to public security officers. Since private sector security are owned by individuals, their funding is private and combined thus not accountable to the society at large but to the personnel whom they are providing security to. The nature and responsibilities of private security firms is to provide personalized security and including special operation services where and when required. Despite such security firms being limited to weapons and almonry by the state, they play a big role in ensuring that companies and systems conform to the laid down regulations including prevention of unauthorized personnel, activity or entry, traffic regulations, access control and in other facilities or environments fire and theft prevention or detection. Therefore, private security firms are effectively and consistently in place to bridge the security lapse and gap that the national government and public security firms cannot fill owing to the large number of citizens and activities carried out within a given environment (Li, 2008).

The public police play a big role on behalf of the government and society performing duties

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