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Compose a 2000 words essay on Discuss the main issues and instruments of conservation in the British countryside how has the role of planning evolved in regard to conservation. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Most importantly is the presence of biodiversity in the region. The land is less polluted and therefore the natural ecosystem has been relatively maintained compared to the extensively polluted industrialized urban centers. However, there has been a decline in wild life species over the past years. This has been caused by intensive farming that has been in practice since the end of World War II when farmers began maximizing productivity of their land,

leading to mass clearing of bushes for farming land and the use of pesticides as well as fertilizers. These eventually caused pollution of the surface water as well as loss of biodiversity (Gallent, N., Juntti, M., Kidd, S. and Shaw, D. 2008 pp. 27-33).

The government realized recently that there are enormous losses that have been caused by felling of trees and clearing of wildlife habitats. This realization compelled the government to set measures meant to conserve and prevent further loss of biodiversity. Targets have been set to prevent loss of vulnerable animal, bird and plant species. These targets are fulfilled through systems that are supported by non-governmental organizations, local authorities as well as state agencies with a common goal of environmental conservation. They are usually pilot projects that are aimed at establishing the best conservation practices which assist the government to formulate policies about environmental conservation. This came after the realization of the fact that the biodiversity that has been in existence for thousands of years can be destroyed within 50 years, and it will take many thousands of years to be restored. Its loss is mainly attributed by recent farmers whose driving force is mainly the economic gains derived from the land. Farmers are now being encouraged to engage in ecologically sound farming practices in order for the land to be more productive for a longer period of time (Bishop, K. and Phillips, A. 2004 pp. 78-83).

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