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Hi, I need help with essay on How has globalization (or regionalisation) impacted public policy formulation and implementation in Canada. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The positive side of globalisation is that it has provided opportunities for streamlining of public policies with the international standards. Technology has become an important tool for implementation of public policies as the government has an efficient platform to communicate and roll out their public policies. While Canada has come under spot for failing to face globalisatio head on, there is evidence that many changes have come up due to the new era. Therefore, it is clear that globalisation has had both negative and positive impacts in the development and implementation of public policies.

One impact of globalisation is that it came about with social transformation within the country. The era of internationalisation saw many people move from one region to the other in search for a living or for economic reasons. The result was the formation of a diverse population that demanded new public policies to govern. The employment sector in Canada is one of the areas that experienced as people of different races, culture, religion and color filled the labor market raising a number of issues. The gender-wage gap in particular became a serious issue for Canada as result of globalisation. The gender wage gap in Canada has been a controversial issue since early 1980s when this difference was noted. Cornish and Faraday (2008) noted that women salary for equal position in Ontario is 29% below that of women indicating a wide salary gap across the gender boundaries. A close look at the wage gap trends indicates that there has only been slight improvement in the last 25 years despite the numerous efforts to close this gap. In 1987, before the emergence of wage gap activists, the wage gap was approximately 37% in Ontario. These trends indicate that the efforts to bring down the gap have been undermined and the gap remains wide. Cornish (2009) points out the wage gap has affected aboriginal women who have migrated to Ontario in search for a job. This trend in

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