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Need an argumentative essay on Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Models Comparison. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

irst model is the Seven Tiers recovery model that was developed by IBM in 1992 defining various methods important computer systems (Quintero etal., 2013). The model has seven levels in which data can be recovered with varying levels of success. The progression of the tiers from 1-7 is characterized by reduced recovery time and increasing chances of data recovery (Carstensen, Morgenthal & Golden, 2012).

The second one is the Security Stack four-layer model that offers ways to comprehensively respond to an incident. The first layer deals in disaster recovery, the 2nd layer on business continuity, the 3rd on situation awareness and the last layer is on Government Policy and National Incident Management (Mikulsky & Carroll, 2011). This model reduces the tendency of business continuity and business recovery plans fragmentation which reduce their effectiveness in event of a disruption (Troppens, 2009).

The 7 Tier and the Security Stack model bear similarities in that the progression in the levels ensures minimal data loss and reduces the time required for business recovery and continuity. In addition, they both offer different levels which can help improve the data recovery success. Lastly, they provide a multi-level approach that enhances business recovery and continuity (Snedaker, 2007).

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