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Write a 8 page essay on Teacher/Trainer Intervention.

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f) Setting goals: this directs the student to a certain standpoint and feedback is the most important tool of appreciation and direction Goal setting establishes a direction for learning. The participation of students in the process of setting the goals process can enhance students’ accountability for their respective learning.

What is competence This is multidimensional question in the mind of almost every individual. In general terms Competence is the ability to compete or the self efficacy of an individual to perform and outclass a rival. But in educational terms it is not about outclassing instead it is about bringing together to the same standpoint so that no one gets left behind. Teacher/trainers have trying hard to increase the competence level of their students and for that reason they, at times, conduct rigorous tests based upon students’ learning.

What is regarded as intervention by the teacher/trainer is not for only ethical or other school related stuff instead it is an act that increases the students potential to compete and the teacher/trainer does not only intervene when the student gets outside the bounds set by the administration instead the teacher/trainer tries to maximize the self belief of the student to perform better and better. Teacher/trainers pour in the assessment techniques in order to keep up the mental level of the students at an aspiring level such that their grasping ability is exploited. Teacher/trainers have a very clear need to provide all students with the different levels of intervention although the same criteria must be applied, for example students with different language skills. Teacher/trainers also intervene in order stop the discrimination (ethnic) and make the students amicable to diversity.

The intervention approach is also based upon the fact of learner cognition and for that many writers have considered the learners’ cognitive styles as well as their experience in the subject matter in a study comparing the use of text-only instructional materials with text-plus graphics instructional materials.

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