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Hi, I need help with essay on Interesting Excellent topic related to Race in Research and Health care as summarized in reading Articles. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

article, ‘The conceptualization and operationalization of race and ethnicity by health services researchers’ by Susan Moscou, the main focus is on the racial and ethnic variables. It is stated by the author that in the health services research industry, these two variables are the most common terms that are used and experienced by individuals (Moscou, 2008).

It was revealed that race and ethnicity illustrated different meanings as both the terms were not operationalized. For this reason, the results showed that the subtext was unclear. Since the sample was from different geographical regions, therefore, the meaning of race and ethnicity in healthcare and research was different to the majority of them (Moscou, 2008).

It should be noted that despite of the fact that all the participants had different perspectives and understandings of race and ethnicity, however majority of them believed that the race and ethnicity was a major cause of discrimination, marginalization, socio-economic disparity, etc. in healthcare and research. Similarly, race and ethnicity were also considered as genuine elements that have a major contribution regarding racial discrimination in the society, particularly the healthcare industry. Thus, the article concluded that the race and ethnicity do have negative impacts on the research and healthcare industry in a variety of ways. However, the work done by the author require further studies and advanced researches on the same subject so that the topic is analyzed deeply and in a much brief manner (Moscou, 2008).

In the article ‘Racism in the Examination Room: Myths, Realities, and Consequences’ author Jeanette E. South-Paul has emphasized on the fact that the element of race does not have a good social history. To support her argument she has also referenced a few other articles that have also discussed the same idea. For example the article ‘Family medicine’ by Anderson, the core idea is similar to that that Jeanette’s

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