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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Journal critique on the article School Counselor Beliefs about ASCA national model school counseling program components. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The article’s title addresses the topic to be covered well and a person will have a good idea of what to expect in the article. The name of the journal is Professional School Counselling which is appropriate considering what is addressed in it. This is the twelfth volume and the first publication. The two authors have therefore done much work in addressing the topic of student psychology and this work is a continuation of the same. The selection of the article and journal title are appropriate as they are supposed to give an insight of what will be addressed by the article.

To support their argument, the study is done on a sample of 3000 school counselors so as to understand their beliefs about the important components of a school counseling program. The sample size is large enough to provide adequate data that can be used to develop a hypothesis and support it. The study is done on school counselors who have direct access to the students and so their answers are important to help in the study.

The preparation for the study is done to ensure that the model is developed. This study being part of the ASCA National Model develop is taken seriously and the data collected will not only be used in this study but also in other areas of psychology. This shows that the data collected is authentic and it can be relied on by the reader in the development of the psychological model. This study is supposed to come up with recommendations in the school counseling profession since as the introduction indicates the profession has lacked a clarity of role and function which is needed in any job to help and understand the students.

The ASCA Model is an important aspect of this study and the authors takes their time to explain that it was developed in 2003 and its revision done in 2005. The study will rely on it and so the reader needs to have adequate information on what it entails. The references used to do the study and come up with the argument

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