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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Public Health & Patient Safety Teaching in Pharmacy and Allied Health Care Curriculum (EXCEPT Medicine Schools).

The process also involved a thorough analysis of each part of the module, include a pre-test, and a comparison of those results with the marks earned on module exams (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010).

The purpose of this study was to analyse the effectiveness of the new Public Health and Patient Safety module at the University of Hertfordshire. Both areas are covered extensively by the GPhC and, as such, needed a formal place within the pharmaceutical curriculum at university. Recommendations for improving the module were made based upon initial observations and the average performance of students in key sections of the course.

The design of this study revolved around the use of an in-depth questionnaire that made use of germinal research and current module information in order to elicit valid and accurate information from each responding student (Eggers & Jones, 1998).

An in-depth interview was also conducted with the faculty members in which they were encouraged to give their honest feedback about the module, generally involving perceived strengths and weaknesses relative to student performance.

All students were informed of the basis for their study and told that their participation was entirely voluntary. No student was forced to participate, and their eventual participation was kept confidential and anonymous at all times. This process also enabled the distribution of a pre and post survey, analysis of existing course work, and the interviews previously mentioned.

The survey results indicates the possible reality that either students are entering the module already possessing much of the requisite information covered in the course, or the module is not proving effective at hitting the major concepts proposed by the GPhC.

The implications of this study indicate a need to rework certain sections of the module to cover more areas that are deemed important by the GPhC, thereby better preparing undergraduate students for their exams.

The interviews revealed a

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