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Hi, I need help with essay on Examine the causes of the increase in Somali-led piracy off the Horn of Africa during the past 5 years. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

years, the threats from the pirates increasing day by day even though international community and UN Security Council have strengthened the counter measures in the Somali coastal areas. Patrolling in the Somali coastal areas have been strengthened by multinational naval force including warships from America,

Britain, India and Australia.

Anthony Bergin, Director of Research Programs for the Australian Strategic Policy, arguing that the protection of international shipping is of high strategic interest to Australia. The Gulf of Aden is of vital strategic importance, with more than 20,000 vessels travelling between Europe and the Middle East, Asia and Australia passing through the waterway every year (Liss, 2009).

2. According to the defense correspondent of Sydney Moring Herald, Jonathan Pearlman, “Australia is looking to deploy a warship to act against pirates off the coast of Somalia after winding down operations to protect Iraqs oil terminals” (Pearlman, 2009). According to Australian Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston “Australian ships and passengers regularly travelled through the waters off the coast of Somalia and benefited from the enhanced security provided by the multinational anti-piracy force” (Pearlman, 2009).

3. “The annual cost of piracy to the global economy ranges between $7 and $12 billion, by some estimates” (Ploch et al, 2011, p.ii). According to certain reports by international maritime organization, piracy is causing big threat to the lives of the people and immense damages to the shipment activities through Somali coast. Shipping cost has been increased drastically since insurance companies forced to increase the premium amount of the shipment goods insured and transported through this region. There are many reasons cited for the increasing piracy in the Somali coastal region. This paper analyses major causes of the increase in Somali-led piracy off the Horn of Africa during the past 5 years.

According to the final

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