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Hi, I need help with essay on Essay : TOPIC: Does Canadas official policy of multiculturalism strengthen or weaken the countrys national identity (history, political science, sociology, psychology). Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

It is impossible to avoid the mixture of cultural views as people foreign to Canada bring along with them their own traditions and beliefs. Also some Canadians may have the tendency to develop some romantic relationships with non-Canadians that result to mixing of cultures and races at the same time. Religion is also part of the culture that can get mixed-up in the process (Beaman and Bayer).

The diverse population greatly contributes to the shaping of Canada as a country. They do not develop their system alone as ethnic groups and migrants also contribute to the development of Canada (Banting and Soroka).

The history of Canada will also be explored as it may give answers on how Canada formed its identity the people behind the culture (Bumsted). The sociological and political aspects of integration of immigrants will also be studied in the paper as there could be dilemmas that the integration may bring into the nation (Banting).

The questions revolving around the topic would be basic such as who are involved? What is the concept of multiculturalism? What are the concerns in the national identity? How does it take place? What are the impacts to the society? Can it be traced back in history? What are the effects to the individuals?

Multiculturalism exists as the ways of life of various groups of people coexist and in some ways mix with one another (Banting). The people involved in the study are the Canadians, ethnic groups and the migrants as they have different culture but they coexist and influence each other especially in creating a national identity. It takes place in the country of Canada and as foreigners move to Canada for work, they add up to the population and can bring significant change to the established culture and norms. The multicultural existence can be traced back in history as Canada was formed from Aboriginal migrants, English and French people who serve as the

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