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I will pay for the following essay A Report on Five Internet Sites related to Language Development. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

the “new” internet and text messaging form of writing, Crystal adds that Educationalists have their responsibility as well in teaching children which style is appropriate to use for certain “occasions.”

This is a website about researches done regarding the use of online chat to foster written language development of students who are deaf.

It is about the efficacy of a strategy used to foster written language development for deaf students. Now, websites such as this one which posts research studies on language development for those who are also disabled is something that is of great value in the educational system. This also sends a message to the educational institutions that students with disablements are also of great importance and that we must also look for ways, research and studies that would further enhance their capacity in terms of education especially the learning and using of their language skills. because even if they are deaf, they still can write and has the potential to be great writers or even researchers.

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) Web, hosted by Michigan State University, is all about foreign language development. Although English is the Universal language, the study of language per se is not solely focused on the English language. This website boasts of several topics on the business language in various languages like Korean, German and French to name a few. Intercultural Communication and Business language written in numerous languages is something that is of great help for students and those who are into the business industry. It gives the students and individuals tips and guides as to how to communicated and develop a cross-cultural awareness with the use of the web-based technology.

This is a website all about language development. It is filled with bibliographies and topics with a little description below it to make referencing easier and user friendly. Participated by a lot of

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