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as no difference found in the motivation of two groups, but the groups with the fewer choices were more satisfied with their decision and they also reported less difficulty levels.

Do you have more variety of this product? I think we should visit the corner shop because my friend was telling me that they have a wide collection.

I can apply for only a few colleges… I wish I could apply for more college. How many times we have heard or used these sentences or similar kinds of statements. The importance of choices in our lives is very important and it is often realized. People always variety as they feel that it helps them in their decision making process. There are no two thoughts on the fact that choices are very important for us.

The effect that choices have on our lives is misinterpreted or misunderstood many a times. Too many choices may not be as beneficial for us as we think they are. It is found that excess of choices can decrease the motivation to buy (Iyengar & Lepper, 2000). Psychology informs us today that choice between two desirable options can lead to dissatisfaction and stress (Huffman, 2008). These results are not in line with the common notion regarding choices. The ability to choose from a variety of alternatives is considered necessary for a better decision.

Studies have also suggested that choices are very necessary for human beings and they increase the life satisfaction of people (Deci & Ryan, 1985). These studies have contradicting results and they may confuse a lay man. These results have also added obscurity on the subject of variety and choices to some extent.

It is important to understand that variety is very important for people and their survival. However too many choices can lead to dissatisfaction and decrease in motivation. The problem with too many choices is that it increases the stress level of the people as they want to choose the best option (Moushart, 2008). Too many choices actually hinder in decision making by confusing

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