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Culture and Globalization In this module, we will study those aspects of culture that affect people at work and in other relationships. We will explore why culture is important at work. We will also learn about models of culture in organizations and how to study culture in the organizational context. This will include Geert Hofstede’s research on organizational culture defined as the five dimensions of culture, as well as the extension of that research into the GLOBE project. We then turn our attention to how scholars have begun to classify types of organizational cultures. This will include looking at the four different types of organizational culture: the clan culture, the adhocracy culture, the market culture, and the hierarchy culture. We will also examineethnography and some practical methods for researching culture that managers can use.

Then we move into looking at several types of organizational cultures that are currently capturing a great deal of attention for their efforts in this area. These cultures focus in turn on innovation, customer service, diversity, ethics, sustainability, and supporting employees in becoming the best they can be by focusing on mind, body, heart, and spirit. We will look at some ways we can create positive and powerful organizational cultures such as developing cultural intelligence and leading

cultural change.

We then turn our attention to globalization and why it matters. What is technology’s critical role in globalization? What are some opportunities that might exist due to key economic and social events that helped foster globalization? How will our organizations succeed in this environment?

Whether we work in a small family owned business or a multinational, managers and leaders must understand the impact of culture and globalization.

(b) You are the leader of a organization that has started to establish locations in Asia,

Mexico, and Canada. Can the leadership development program that was established for the

U.S. headquarters (which was once the only located) be implemented globally? Why or why

not? Defend your position with evidence extracted from course concepts and readings.

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