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Write a 9 page essay on How Do Consumer Characteristics Influence Buying Behavior.

It is evidently clear from the discussion that the quantity of purchase and the types of products in purchasing have come across the shifting in the consumer buying habits. On the contrary, previously marketers and organizations were able to comprehend the consumers buying behaviors and patterns through their experiences of selling the products to the consumers. However, firms and marketing decision makers lost direct contact with the customers with the augmentation of the market and organizations. Therefore, the consumer-buying behavior is one of the most significant aspects for the organizations in today’s time to be acquainted with the buying patterns and habits of the consumers so that they can focus on their products or services to the market. Since the consumer market profoundly depends upon the buying behaviors of the customers, therefore organizations should understand the market before developing or designing any marketing strategies. As a result, to the constantly changing buying patterns of the consumers, consumer research has become one of the imperative methods for the marketers and enterprises where they are spending millions of dollars for the study of consumer habits. Moreover, consumer research allows the marketers to gain more knowledge about the consumer behavior and their habits of buying a particular product or service. Furthermore, this research also makes the enterprise identify and recognize the responsibility of the customer towards the overall product that includes its features, price, advertising and several others over its competitors. The research will also lead to the surveillance that consumer enormously varies in age, income, education, taste and quite a lot of other factors. In addition, the consumer characteristics that influence their purchasing habits also include elements such as cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics. Therefore, the consumer research findings provide a great deal of assistance to the firms, as they are then able to determine the strong association between the marketing stimulus and the customer reaction.

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