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Need an argumentative essay on Risk Perception: THE RELATION BETWEEN INDOOR BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS AND DEVELOPMENT OF ASTHMA IN CHILDREN IN THE UK. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

0–4 and 5–14 years old were admitted to hospitals for asthma, respectively, in the UK, as reported by the Lung and Asthma Information Agency (2008). One in five children in the UK keeps an inhaler to get instant relief from asthma attack and one in four kindergarten children are afflicted with wheezing that is not asthma (POSTNOTE, 2010).

Asthma symptoms can appear in children from allergens developed from house dust mites and in the dander of furred pets. These are the most leading causes of children’s skin diseases. To prove the point, a UK research by Price et al. (1990)) is referred that reveals, nearly 80% of asthmatic children caught allergy from house dust mite. Fur of animal was also found to be the leading reason of allergy in children, as revealed from a Swedish research that 57% of asthmatic children were allergic to at the minimum one kind of fur of the domestic animals. It was found that the possibility of house dust mites was relatively higher in damp houses. Therefore, the happening of mite-induced asthma is possibility higher in damp houses. The leading mammalian sources of allergens are the dander (skin scales) of cats and dogs, as well as dried urine and saliva of pet animals are also possible sources of allergens. Chances of allergy to atopic children seem to be higher from cats than from dogs. Mice, rats and various other rodents kept as pets may also add-on to the problems of allergy (European Collaborative Action, 1993).

On a relative scale, it is noticed that mould is the least possible reactant to create respiration issues than house dust mite and animal dander but in children with atopic allergy, mould is the catalyst of causing severe health issues (European Collaborative Action, 1993).

The present situation is grim in the sense that various stakeholders are not working in sync to face the risk of asthma due to indoor biological contaminants to the UK children. A balanced policy approach, action plan and better provision of public

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