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I will pay for the following essay A comparative analysis from the online retail company Rakuten to another four companies. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Bezos and its headquarters is in Seattle.

Mr. Bezos is still the CEO, Chairman and President of the Company- he took office in 1994 after founding the company. The senior Vice President is Mr. Thomas J. Szkutak who has been in office since 2002. Other executives include: Ms. Kathy Sheehan, Mr. Phil Hardin and Ms. Mary Bowman. has been able to increase its revenues to $74.5B from $61.1B in the previous years. It bounced back with a profit of $274M after a loss in the previous year of around $39M. This may be attributed to decrease in the percentage of sales related to cost of goods. Currently, the market price of its shares is $327.82, a 3.58% increase. The table below shows annual financial statement of the company.

EBay Inc. is an online trading company that allows sellers and buyers to exchange products and services ranging from collectible and memorabilia to coins and sporting tickets. It also has an online payment service- PayPal. Its headquarters is located at Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California. It has three presidents: John J Donahoe (President/CEO), Craig Hayman (President-Enterprise Business) and Devin N Wenig (President-Market Places). EBay shares are currently valued$54.36, this is a 0.02% decrease.

The financial position of companies at the end of every fiscal year is very important for investors as it forms basis of their future decisions. There are many types of ratios in use today, however the ones that are more important to the investors are the profitability and liquidity ratios as they reveal the financial position of the company at the end of that year.

Profitability is an important piece of information for investors as it will either attract them to a company or scare them away. This is due to the fact that high revenues and increased stock prices don’t necessarily equate to high dividends for investors. Profitability ratios therefore give investors a clue of the likelihood that a company

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