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Need an argumentative essay on My topic is about to write about one leadership theory (I prefer to write Autocratic theory) then find three components of this theory and examine each component with real example from the world choose one of the famous leader in the world for example (Ad. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Autocratic leadership is relevant especially when choices need to be made rapidly without the need to consult a large group of people or when strong leadership is necessary to carry out tasks (Daft and Lane, 2011, p. 45). This is because it lets the members of the group to pay attention in executing the assigned responsibilities without getting worried about making complex or complicated decisions. However, it has been found to be ineffective at times when the leader becomes dictatorial, which may result into resentment by members of the group or the organization. This essay will discuss about autocratic leadership as one in which the every decisions within the organization is made by the leader alone with a discussion of decision-making, participation of members and the dictatorial or authoritarian tendencies of the leader as the major components of autocratic leadership style.

An autocratic leader makes all the major decisions within the organization with little or no contribution from the members of the group. He also maintains a total control and ownership of all decisions within the organization and is therefore responsible for both the good and bad outcomes that result from the decisions (Bass, Bass and Bass 2008, p.440). The autocratic leadership also does not rely on ideas or suggestions from other persons or sources and makes the decisions from their perception of the situations. Such a leader only makes the decisions and expects little challenge from other members of the group, and this may lead to a sort of dislike by the members that they cannot contribute ideas or decisions. It is important to note that autocratic leadership style may be desirable whereby the leader is the most knowledgeable or has extensive access to information as compared to other members of the group. Being the custodian of decision-making within the

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