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I will pay for the following essay Testing on Animals. Some people are FOR and some people are against. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Animal testing or animal research involves using animals other than humans for doing research. While such studies may involve mere observation of the animals or their behaviors, in most cases, tin many cases, they involve subjecting the animals to unnatural situations such as in the case of drug testing. Some of the animals that are commonly used in research include mice, guinea pigs, frogs, birds, zebra fish, and primates, to mention but a few (Humane Society International, 2014). Different organizations offer different statistics relating to the number of animals that are used for research across the world and in the U.S. annually. According to Speaking of Research (2014), between 13.6 and 25 million animals are used for research in the United States annually. According to ProCon (2014), roughly 26 million animals are subjected to research tests for commercial or scientific purposes in the United States of America alone annually. In New Zealand and Australia, in excess of six million animals are used for teaching and testing annually according to Animals Australia (2014).

The statistics, as varied as they are for the few countries mentioned, are nothing short of appalling. The reality is that millions of animals are used for experimentation throughout the world, and more so in developed countries. Do Something (2014) notes that more than 100 million animals suffer burns, abuse, or are poisoned in labs in the United States annually. Many of the animals used for testing die accidentally during the tests or are intentionally killed by researchers. One wonders whether or not it is right for animals to be subjected to pain and suffering by humans as they try to look for solutions that face the world.

Different people have different views concerning animal testing. While some experts note that animal testing is useful because it goes a long way in saving humans from preventable deaths and provides good testing grounds for new products, others note that the

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