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Deficiency of general and family physicians results in protracted waiting lists to get appointments and receive services. For instance, in Massachusetts, health care coverage was expanded to comprise the uninsured in 2006. The objective was to provide residents with consistent access to physicians and treatments. With increased demand, the system became overburdened. An avalanche of disappointing statistics indicated that it takes two to five weeks to get the attention of some specialists. There is also a 15% rise in family physicians number who are not seeing new patients. The increase in levels of insured citizens shows an alarming physician shortage. It is expected that the effect will toll on the 46 million Americans presently without insurance coverage. Physician shortages are specifically evident in peri-urban and rural households, demonstrating a change in nationwide demographics relating to baby boomers and their health care desires. It also affects trends of enrollment in medical school and their specialization. In spite of recent happenings, physician shortages have critical implications for patients.

Shortage of doctors results in&nbsp.poorer health output.&nbsp.Patients delay in receiving care since the absence of a general physician to diagnose and treat consults with other doctors. They also move from one specialist to another to obtain a resolution. Presence of a primary care physician is significant in sustaining good health. It is problematic to have a doctor shortage, as well as general and family physicians. It is recommended by the American Association of Family Practitioners (AAFP) that 41.6 family physicians should be present in every 100,000 people. Many medical communities around the world are trying to struggle with the effects of doctor shortages. Many patients fail to seek care, regular prevention or management of chronic diseases, thus ending up in the emergency department. Many visit community health clinics since they accept walk-in patients.

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