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I will pay for the following essay Website Interface Re-design 3 (Evaluation Report). The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This critically looks into the extent of how easy it is to learn its use, apply it effectively, re-familiarize with its functions, and its level of flexibility as discussed below.

This prototype provides a very distinct level of learn ability due to the appropriate use of Gestalt principles of proximity and similarity. The five colorful circle-shaped buttons in the home page provides quick and direct links to other web pages.

Web prototype under evaluation is established with the understanding of both experienced and inexperienced end users of Web-site applications. For instance, various navigation options (on the drop-down menu and active links) are provided for use to similar pages. However a little more should be done to ensure that this application can also be accessed through simple gadgets such as smart phones for maximum usability and accessibility.

Usefulness level of a website is determined by its main objectives and purposes for which it was developed, compared to its provisions. If the two contradicts, then it is irrelevant and not useful to either of the parties using such an application. Our case study is considered very relevant since its provisions are within its set mandates and priorities.

E-commerce websites have all sorts of visitors. The groups of visitors include serious buyers, those who just browse through web pages and friends who wish just to chart on the website platform. Clear, concise, descriptive and easily understandable language should hence be used for efficiency and effectiveness.

A standard website should support quick and complete loads (upload and download) with a consistent look on all browsers. Well organized home page with concise contents, consistent navigation choices, a site map and search engines.

Good and highly competitive e-commerce websites must have easy-to-access product catalogues from home page with product categories being easy to understand and navigate through. Additionally, all catalog info and

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