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Issues&nbsp.affecting the world and the United States including the economic crisis, global warming, and the importance of togetherness between all diversifying factors.

The speech provided clear plans for future America by maintaining the unity and equality among all Americans. Obama demonstrated that even Blacks can make it. especially by claiming, it is the time for the Blacks of achieving the American dream of equality. He achieves the notions of racism by creating perceptions of attracting the whites to support the blacks in taking America forward.

This short story illustrates the meaning and other importance of language through a discussion of the broken language spoken by the mother. The author explores various forms of English spoken around the world that makes it different to the way the mother speaks. She provides various examples of English versions spoken, in order to create an attention to different English speakers alternatively, the ones aspiring to read or speak English that it varies from place to another.

This literature is directed to those people who do not understand the various types of language speakers including the various forms of English language. This helps them to understand one another in terms of racial equality and the place of origin where the language spoken is directly related to the mother tongue’s language.

The story describes the life of the author as an Indian boy living in the eastern region of Washington State. It illustrates the way reading and writing affected Alexie’s life. The short story shows the way young Indian boy used his intelligence, as an Indian became a creative writing teacher for other Indian children living in the area. He started his literal experience when he picked his father’s book where he could not understand the words but get the conceptual making of paragraphs.

The story illustrates the struggles and possibilities of adapting to different cultures of the people.

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