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I will pay for the following essay Should students be required to take general education course. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

specialization courses, understanding of values and cultures goes for a toss (Goessl), till the passed out students realize the pressure of working in multicultural job places.

There is more. In 2013, a person trained to be a businessman and an administration manager could not fare well in the post Recession world where he had to revive his father’s business of selling medication. His haste to check the growing debts kept him under stress to the extent that he took to drinking and marijuana that only further worsened his condition.

Fact is life after college is filled with challenges. Some of these challenges come up in daily life while some come up in emergencies like the Global Recession. Today’s world is more dynamic and is built on the foundation that economic growth is not possible without an all-round approach to ethical, environmental, and educational investments that society at large needs to undertake. We have ignored the balance long enough, and we are the ones to have paid the price.

Children growing up in today’s world understand that unless a multi-dimensional approach to education is adopted then surviving the various pressures of post-education life is not possible. However, by the time college education reckons, the expectations of teenagers and adolescents change and in their impatience to finish studies fast, a concentrated approach is what most students prefer to adopt.

Students entering the portals of college life always begin by selecting the subjects of their preference and try to stick to them. However, mid-way through their studies they realize that the subject they have chosen may not be suitable for them and that is when they opt to look for a change in subjects or elective. An irony of the Western education policy is that school life does not offer the general education that empowers students to take a right decision and make a wise choice basing on their own strong points. School curricula are mostly designed to allow the

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