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I will pay for the following essay Opinion Writing (Intellectual Property Law). The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

rge companies often operate in order to entertain needs and wants of elite social class because of its higher buying power whereas, smaller competitors work in order to cater consumerism of middle and lower classes of the community.

6. The first one has its eyes fixed on construction industry whereas, the second one is producing toys for kids and any reasonable man is going to ask how can Loge overcome Clinker’s market share or hurt its brand image because they are not targeting construction managers to buy their products.

7. In simple terms, it is madness to consider Loge as a competitor for Clinker. The court of law will presumably say that Loge has no apparent intention to hurt Clinker and if they want to then they cannot do that because of lack of resources and relevant market strategy.

8. More clearly, Loge has no distant plan to enter construction industry and on the other hand, Clinker has no plans to produce toys for kids in future and when they develop such strategic outlines then they are most welcome to fight the legal battle out until then they should remain at peace with each other. Clinker will be advantageous by not firing the weapon on Loge and that benefit will be discussed at a later stage of the paper.

2. The Clinker can also send the company a legal notice threatening it about legal action if they do not remove their logo which is using Clinker’s registered items such as the Grey Background Color and Bricks.

3. However, the case can be filed under Section 8 of American Constitution. However, the application of the law is going to be problematic at best because it is only commonsense not to consider Clinker and Loge as competitors because the law states that competitors cannot have the right to copy each others’ colors and logos as it will cause them to eat away brand image and market share.

4. The case will not stand on solid logical grounds in the court of law whereas, the Loge will most probably walk away with the logo and both the

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