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Complete 13 page APA formatted essay: English has pairs of forms designating country vs. nationality/ethnos such as (a) China : Chinese, Japan : Japanese, (b) Italy : Italian, Korea : Korean, (c) Spain : Spanish, Denmark : Danish, (d) Iraq : Iraqi, Israel : Israeli. There are also rarer patte.

In addition to this, it also depends on the way it is being used. English language has different pairs of forms that indicate different nations. The form of English spoken by one nation is completely different from other nations. The differences in form majorly exist due to the structure of the language. The structure of the language depends on the rules and principles that govern the voice production of an individual. The basic principles of the language guide the manner in which the words are placed together in an appropriate manner in order to frame different sentences. The structure of the language gives a proper meaning to the sentence framed (TsoiIn, 2008).

The aim of the paper is to examine the different forms of English language for example Japanese for Japan, Chinese for China, Spanish for Spain and many others. The paper also analyse the pattern of distribution and the role of phonology for determining the reasons for the changes.

The suffix used in names of different nations depicts a definite pattern that can be examined from its distribution. For instance, analysing the names of European nations indicates the use of suffix ‘ish’, for example, Spain : Spanish and Denmark : Danish.

The above table depicts the origin of different suffixes. Form the above table, it is clear that ‘ian’, ‘an’ as well as ‘ean’ have the same origin. This indicates the fact that Arab: Arabian, Italy : Italian, Belgium : Belgian and other countries are likely to have the same Latin origin. The use of suffix for different nations follows a particular pattern that is if the last alphabet of the nation is a vowel then suffix ‘an’ is used rather than using ‘ian’. Most of the suffixes used for denoting the nations follow a geographic pattern except ‘ese’. The suffix is mainly used for Chinese, Japanese and many more (Bauer & et. al., 2013. TsoiIn, 2008). However, the use of

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