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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Analytical paper on: where do the Refrences to the bible show up in the book boxing the compass and how do these refrences relate and contribute to the argument of the novel.

The museums display extinct dinosaurs (Archibald 6).

Furthermore, the novel shows woman recalls lying down in the family pool. As she lies down, she recalls the passing away of her mother. She mourns the mother’s death (Florian 45). The bible story of Lazarus shows the family mourned the untimely death of Lazarus. However, Jesus arrived to resurrect the dead Lazarus, John Chapter 11, verse 38 to 44 (Yancey 958).

Moreover, the words of the novel include the woman looking up from the pool where she is lying in to observe the rays of the sun above. She observes that the sun’s rays scatter into different directions. She listens intently for someone calling her name. The calling included asking the listening woman to “Come_here, come_now, and_forever, until you_disappear, northeast (Florian 45).” The plot reminds us of another bible story. Jeremiah chapter 33, specifically verse 3, favorably talks about favorably listening intently in a prayerful mood. The verse continues, “Call me and I will reply and inform you of great as well as unsearchable issues that you currently do not_know (Yancey 701).”

Further, the novel states the woman specifically delves her mind’s extracting the memory of the death of the mother, one year prior. At zero degree, the woman starts out on her memory sailing journey. The woman pinpoints, “this is my personal empty_box.” as she wonders how the memory poignantly retrieves the memory of her mother’s death (Florian 17). The novel focuses on the tumultuous constantly changing position of a person on the life waves. Being on top of the wave means one is happy. To reach quietness, one should reach the storm’s eye.

Furthermore, the novel dictates, “The principles_of the Tectonic_Plate concept states the earth is composed of both the lithosphere layer and the asthenosphere.” The lithosphere includes both the crust as well as the mantle. The asthenosphere includes the boiling hot molten magma, often violently

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