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I will pay for the following essay An equal opportunity of Homosexuality through history. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

isms, the homosexual community is often described as marginalised and vulnerable since they are at high risk of coping with psychosocial problems in relation to both actual and anticipated reactions of fear from the people around them. The homosexuals may be also prone to harassment, physical and verbal attacks,

and the risk of being exposed to having an HIV infection, and STD particularly for the male homosexuals (Clermont & Durand, 1997, p.8).

This paper seeks to discuss an issue concerning homosexuality particularly with regard to the health and social care of homosexuals. Furthermore, this seeks to evaluate the impact of historical and contemporary beliefs of homosexuality from an anti-heterosexist perspective.

Empirical studies on homosexuality only began in the late 20th century regardless of the number of case studies and theoretical writings conducted particularly with regard to its treatment (Morin, 1977, p.630). Contemporary beliefs on gays and lesbians were greatly changed and influenced due to the pioneering studies that centered on homosexuality. Among the most influential of these pioneering studies were probably those of Martin, Kinsey, and Pomeroy whose works have demonstrated the extensive presence of homosexual behaviour contrary to what most people previously believed in (1948 cited in Morin, 1977, p.630).

In the early times, most psychologists and psychiatrists believed that homosexuality is associated to a mental disorder (McConaghy, 1993, p.127). Other scholars considered it as a symptom of emotional disorder while others regard it as one of the severe disorders of intelligence and personality (Hooker, 1957. Curran, et al., 1980 cited in McConaghy, 1993, p.127). These beliefs, however, may imply a liberal approach or attitude toward homosexuality considering that its long history of moral and legal beliefs was perceived to be as unnatural and criminal. Above all, its existence in traditional societies is usually cited as the common

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