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Find a position announcement in a newspaper, magazine, on the Internet which you would like to apply for. You must identify at least one position announcement even if you do not plan to enter the workforce after you graduate.

Clip the position announcement and type it on a clean page if the job ad is too small to read. Also, type the name of the source of your position announcement, including the date and the page number. Otherwise, print & attach the original position announcement to the Employment Communications Package.

Based on the position announcement you have chosen, prepare either a CHRONOLOGICAL or FUNCTIONAL resume for the position.

Your resume should reflect your current background. DO NOT MAKE UP FACTS ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND!

Your resumes should be TWO pages maximum excluding the REFERENCES page.

Follow the guidelines on writing effective resumes closely and carefully.

Application Letter

Based on your Resume, write an Application Letter (Cover Letter) applying for this position. Address to class interview partner.

Your application letter should be ONE page maximum, and single-spaced! Use the FULL-BLOCK letter format

Follow the guidelines on writing effective application letters closely and carefully.

Follow-Up Letter

1. After your Mock Employment Interviews (interview role plays), write a Follow-up letter to the individual who interviewed you.

2. You should address the letter to your interviewer. Be sure to observe the basic requirements of a formal business letter.

3. Your follow-up letter should be ONE page maximum, and single-spaced!

NOTE: Submit this document with the Application Letter and Resume. What to Submit:

Your Employment Communications Package consists of the following number of pages, to be submitted in this order:

Cover Page (one page)

Position Announcement (one page TYPED)

Application Letter (one page)

Resume (three pages maximum, including the REFERENCES page)

Follow-Up Letter (one page)

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