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Need an argumentative essay on 1. Provide an analysis of the organizational culture at Shoenman & Associates. Consider issues such as: aspects of culture (values, symbols, artefacts), formal vs informal rules and norms, power and politics. 2. From a cultural perspective, the Christmas. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

These stakeholders are their clients, the employees and the management (Coghan, 1994). The company’s executive has for a long time appreciated the essence of employee’s peace of mind in the success of its fortunes.

The company is structurally delineated in terms of the creative section of the business and the commercial side of the enterprise. This clear demarcation prevents unnecessary pressure and employee politics as they strive towards achieving the company’s goals. The creative department of the organization is tasked with developing and releasing advertising schemes and templates. The other business section is mainly in charge of managing the administrative and monetary issues of the company. Of importance is the easy nature of association and collaboration through which the two sections proceed with their duties. There are clear and formal guidelines that ensure that the system runs smoothly. In addition, there are informal aspects and acceptable behaviors in the company that add to the general morale of the employees. The employees have a great deal of freedom in their work operations as long as deadlines are met.

Moreover, the company is hierarchically divided between around 56 non-professionals who include service staff, clerical employees, interns and secretaries. There are 50 experts in different fields such as directors of art, account managers, executive managers and executive vice presidents. Majority of the senior executives have been around for a long time and the company seems to have an informal culture of retaining their experts. They also tend to accept them back in case they had left. There are lots of pressures to deliver work on time. The head offices are decorated in colors like mellow maroon and plant green and the furniture is dominantly wood veneer. The other symbolic aspects are beautiful plants in the

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