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Hi, I need help with essay on Health Studies- Discuss the origins, structure and function of the NHS and discuss the major challenges the NHS will face over the next five years. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

For this reason, it was prudent to form a dependable health provider. In the country, not all people can afford to pay for their health care, and for those who can it is not affordable for emergency cases and treatment for terminal diseases. Therefore, the government had to set up this facility to accommodate the less privileged in society (Wills,

Evans & Samuel, 2008). Secondly, the hospitals available could not offer quality services to the needy. Moreover, there was no proper health equipment that could be used to diagnose and treat some ailments such as cancer (Lewis & Blount, 2014). The government intervened by creating the National Health Service with the intention of empowering such health care systems. The facility organisation aims at offering universal health services regardless of an individual’s income (Humphrey & Russell, 2005). The ease of access to health care services was important because the country had just come out of the Second World War and had many British casualties that needed care. There was need to re-establish health services to deprive war veteran of injuries inflicted on the battlefield. Therefore, the setting of the principles of the National Health Care was opportune for the subjects.

Upon its foundation, the countries well-being has increased since then (Tucker et al., 2009). The general specialist was one of the classifications offered to the subjects. In this category, workers who earned a low pay could access the hospital for free. This services was only provided to the worker with a low pay, but their spouses and children were not covered. In other words, the cover only provided health care to the individual worker who earned the least basic salary (Pierloot & Vancoillie, 2008). People with better salaries or retired are required to pay a substantial amount as fee in acquiring the general practitioner’s services.

Doctors facility was an alternative administration

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