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  1. What different factors seem to unite and divide the Latino community in the United States? ?
  2. How would you summarize the economic status of Latinos as a group? ?
  3. What are the aspirations and the accomplishments of Latinos in education? ?
  4. Identify the factors that contribute to and limit the polit- ical power of Latinos as a group in the United States. ?
  5. What are the major patterns that religion serves for the Hispanic community?
  6. To what extent has the Cuban migration been posi- tive, and to what degree do significant challenges remain?
  7. How have Central and South Americans contributed to the diversity of the Hispanic peoples in the United States?
  8. In what respects has Mexico been viewed as both a source of workers and as a place to leave unwanted laborers? ?
  9. In what respects are Hispanic families similar to and different from Anglo households? ?
  10. How does the case of Puerto Rico support the notion of race as a social concept?
  11. Explain how gender is socially constructed. ?
  12. What are sociological approaches to studying women ?as a minority? ?
  13. How has the focus of the feminist movement changed from the suffragist movement to the present? ?
  14. How do the patterns of women in the workplace differ from those of men? ?
  15. Clarify the role that women play in formal education.
  16. How has the changing role of women in the United States affected the family?
  17. What are the special challenges facing women of  subordinate racial and ethnic groups? 
  18. Illustrate what the matrix of domination means. 

At least 300 words for questions below:

Language and culture are almost inseparable. How do you imagine your life would change if you were not permitted to speak your native language? How has it been affected if you have been expected to speak some other language?

What role do the Borderlands have in defining Mexican Americans to themselves and to the nation as a whole? ?

How are men and women’s roles defined differently when it comes to such concepts as the mommy track, the second shift, and the displaced homemaker?

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