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Hi, I need help with essay on Apply the transtheoretical Model of Change to Smoking cessation program or intervention. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Although several quarters have highlighted weaknesses of the program, the general features are positive. The major focus of the exercise will be on stages of this model, how each can be applied to stop smoking and thereafter, a general critique.

The TMC supports the idea that behavior change evolves rather than a perception that it can be revolutionized.

This is an implication that the model is a process that is characterized by stages of acceptance to the ultimate cessation especially for smokers. The first one is the pre contemplation stage to the ultimate maintenance stage as illustrated by DiClemente et al (2002).

At this point, the person is probably at the denial stage where thy have little or not plans to quit. Smoking to them is part of life and smoking is used for leisure, stress relieve or simply the addictive charm. At this point the person has zero motivation to quit although they are aware of the practice posses to their health.

In the pre-contempation stage, the smoking cessation program implementers such as family members may only give minimal help to the individual through persuasive counseling. The decision to change the behavior only comes from within the individual.

This is the stage where an individual is ready to act and begin the cessation program. As matter of fact, the individual may be projecting to start the program in six month’s time. The level of awareness of the individual on the effect of drugs is high (DiClemente et al., 2002). They understand the pros and cons of smoking and they believe that the process is possible.

The program of cessation can be effective if the addicts can be informed of possible challenges such as relapses. Many smokers in the world today are in this stage because the vast majority is considering quitting.

Here, the person is preparing to hit the road and begin the journey to full recovery. Most of the addicts are encouraged to begin with mental preparation for the program. It is common to find them

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