aviation term paper

Hello. This is a term paper for an aviation subject that will take an in-depth look into an aircraft accident and discuss the FARs (federal aviation regulations) affecting the accident. Please continue to read only if you have knowledge about the subject. I am looking for top quality work as this is a very important course.

Term Paper

The paper will present a case study of an aircraft accident and the associated NTSB report. The term paper will discuss the FARs affecting the accident and report on the NTSB’s findings and recommendations. You will assess the effect of the FARs on the accident and recommend changes to current FARs that would prevent a similar accident in the future. The paper will also discuss any management issues brought out by the NTSB that were contributing factors to the accident. The paper will represent scholarly work that results from synthesizing ideas and facts from several sources and communicating your own conclusions, thereby showing a thorough understanding of the FARs, NTSB’s reports and the accident itself.


  • Abstract – must be less than one page
  • Aviation safety – focus on how and why this is incredibly important. Touch base with major accidents over the years. Talk about how much value the FAA places on this. End with briefly introducing the selected aircraft accident
  • Selected aviation accident – be thorough and describe in as much detail as possible. Focus on the stakeholders involved, discuss which ones were affected. Discuss why/how the accident occurred
  • FARs involved – select and talk about the FARs involved in this accident
  • NTSB – discuss their findings and recommendations. Focus on management issues that the NTSB put forward as contributing factors to the accident. Add some management issues from your end if possible
  • Effect of FARs – examine both, the positive and negative effects (if applicable) of the FARs on the accident. Provide recommendations/potential changes to FARs that would offset potential similar accidents in the future
  • Conclusion – must sum up the information in the case, focus on the importance of FARs and highlight the importance of any changes, along with stressing on safety yet again


Kindly communicate/confirm with me about the aircraft accident that you will work on prior to starting on the term paper
Current APA format with a focus on proper grammar and clarity
17 to 20 pages in length
At least 10 references, out of which, 4 should be scholarly sources
High emphasis on appropriate in-text citations
Choose multiple applicable/appropriate FARs from the list below:

  • Part 43
  • Part 135
  • Part 61
  • Part 141
  • Part 142
  • Part 67
  • Part 71
  • Part 73
  • Part 91
  • Part 97
  • Part 119
  • Part 121
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