baseline organizational ethics 1

  1. In the left-most column, put the name of the last five companies, groups, or organizations that you have been regularly engaged with for a month or more. These columns can contain employers, non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, fraternities/sororities, and similar groups.
  2. Next, identify your affiliation to the group.
  3. In the middle column, rate (as low, low to medium, medium, medium to high, or high) the standard or average level of ethical behavior in that organization as compared to the level of behavior in a company you see as a model of ethical organizational behavior.
  4. In the right-most column, identify what ethical policies, procedures, or standards the company used to promote or hinder ethical behavior.
    1. Examples that promote ethical behavior might be:
      1. Ethics training
      2. A clear and committed set of corporate values
      3. Acknowledgment of God as the source of values
    2. Examples that might hinder ethical behavior include:
      1. Deceptive billing or proposal practices
      2. Overstatement of expenses on managers expense accounts
      3. Failure to fully disclose all relevant information when appropriate
    3. Identify at least two examples for each organization. (Example Baseline Organizational Ethics Chart screenshot of completed chart)
  5. Navigate to the threaded discussion. Attach your completed Word document, and utilizing information from the text, respond to the following questions:
    1. What relationships, if any, do you observe between the legal and ethical behaviors of the organizations in your table and the laws, regulations, policies, processes, or standards that may exist? What are the “costs” associated with the legal or ethical behaviors?
      1. Discuss how these compare with the same relationship that existed in at least one of the following publicly traded company that has exhibited notable ethical lapses in the past:
        1. Uber
        2. Levi Strauss
        3. Wells Fargo
        4. Equifax
        5. Facebook
      2. Provide a short description of the unethical behavior you identified and provide a detailed explanation of your evaluation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.
    2. What are the primary factors that contributed to your rating of the five companies, groups, or organizations?
      1. Discuss how the examples you noted compare with similar laws, regulations, policies, procedures, or standards that contributed to the ethical lapses in the publicly traded company selected for Step 9.a.i of this assignment.
      2. Provide a detailed explanation of your evaluation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.
    3. Your initial post should be 400 to 500 words in length and include two scholarly sources that are properly cited according to APA guidelines. For questions on APA Style
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