biochemical and metabolic tests assignment 1

Part A

All students should provide the purpose and principle behind the following six tests, the positive versus the negative result for the following differential media and biochemical tests being used in lab #5. You could make a chart or write it on a separate sheet of paper for the following six differential media and biochemical tests. A good resource is the Photographic Atlas and the Internet.

Starch hydrolysis test using potato dextrose agar or starch agar

Casein hydrolysis test using Skim milk agar

Lipase test using Tributyrin agar, Spirit blue agar, or Egg yolk agar, all are testing for lipase activity

Gelatin agar tube test or gelatinase hydrolysis test

Fermentation test (with Durham tubes) or carbohydrate (sugar) fermentation test

Thioglycollate broth or medium for oxygen requirements

Part B

Oral presentation in the lab, paper copy handed in, instructor check, and place paper in the binder for records:

For the assigned test

a. Provide purpose

b. Provide details of the principle behind the test

c. Provide information on setting up test

d. Provide explanations of a positive versus the negative test and the likely organisms involved with appropriate visual aids

Students investigate ONE assigned Metabolic Test from the list and present it in the lab (see assignment details above).

1. Citrate utilization test

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