black representations in the media

Kaitlin Clinnin (a graduate student at Ohio State University) provides an overview of the concept of audience and invites you to consider how different audiences might impact how you frame an issue or cause that interests you—local or global. She asks you to select two audiences, writing brief messages to both audiences about your issue with the goal of informing and motivating them to get involved in the issue. She also asks you to consider who the audience is, what the audience already knows, and what you want them to do.

She also asks you to consider these questions before posting to this discussion forum:

  • What two audiences did you select? Why?
  • What do you know about these audiences?
  • How do the audiences change your text? Do you imagine that any text you’d compose for the two audiences will be different? How might you change your message to account for these differences?

Use this discussion forum to post your reflection on your upcoming research paper:

  • First, briefly outline what cause or issue you selected to write about for you research paper or project.
  • Second, identify the two audiences you imagined that would read your work.
  • Third, compose a short discussion post that describes the thesis of your paper and show three examples of how you will use the articles that I have given you to compose an informative or persuasive text for these audiences about your cause.


1.) I chose to write about Covid- 19 and why we should take all advised precautions seriously.

2.) The audiences would be for children and adults.

3.) I chose this topic because I feel as though many do not take it seriously. I feel that I would have to deliver this message in a way that adults could understand the severity of my message, and also simple enough for children to understand.

I will discuss best practices in order to prevent the spreading of this virus.

. . .

& then I need a 6 page research paper on black representations in the media, black masculinity, and the complexities of blackness to other racial communities connecting the above discussion. MLA format. Paper should have a working thesis, direct and indirect quotes from the article, and an explanation of why this research is important. Reference 6 of the attached articles.

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