blog entry evaluating an organization

Evaluating an organization can be a challenge. What standard should you use? The goals of the organization can be a good starting place, but sometimes this can be complex if the goals are long term. Evaluation can also be a challenge when the goals of the organization involve incremental change. What kinds of qualitative and quantitative tools exist for the evaluation of organizations? How can you use these tools to determine the institutional strengths and weaknesses of the organization you are looking at?

For this Blog Entry, review this week’s resources. Consider how you can evaluate the organization you have selected for your Final Project for its effectiveness. Also, consider which of the standards of evaluation discussed in your textbook would be the best fit for your selected organization.

Post a Blog Entry describing the best way to evaluate the organization you have selected for your Final Project (International Court of Justice). Your target audience for this Blog Entry is your group’s stakeholders. Your Blog Entry should clearly explain to them why the standard of evaluation you have chosen will ensure that the organization meets their goals.

Required Resources


  • Missoni, E., & Alesani, D. (2013). Management of international institutions and NGOs: Frameworks, practices and challenges. New York, NY: Routledge.
    • Chapter 13, “The Evolution of Budgetary, Accounting and Financial Reporting Systems” (pp. 295–324)
    • Chapter 14, “Human Resources Management” (pp. 325–359)
  • Fonteneau, B., Huyse, H., & Pollet, I. (2014). Decent work results of ILO employment promotion interventions: Lessons learned from evaluations, 2003–2013. Geneva, Switzerland: International Labor Organization. Retrieved from—ed_mas/—eval/documents/publication/wcms_243429.pdf
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