brief about a supply chain case

Read the chapter the case is at the end of the chapter “

HDT Truck Company

The brief will state the most important “logistics/transportation” problems and make recommendations. Never more than 2 pages maximum 1-1.5 line-spacing, 10-12 font size

the recommendations are about

• Take the approach you are presenting to the senior executives of the company.

• Focus on “logistics and transportation” issues, be decisive: “Go or No-Go”.

• Think “outside-the-box” don’t just answer the case questions.

• Don’t just state the obvious, be specific, concise. • It is your responsibility to make the case “real”.

• Where appropriate make realistic assumptions in your analysis.

• Take the information in the case and expand (outside) above and beyond the case topic(s), a minimum of 1 outside source and/or 1 “real world” example. It is imperative you cite all outside sources.

• Any and all outside resources used, be sure to reference (out loud) during presentation.

• Bring something new to the case, for example, find real cases, current trends by companies, etc.

• Key is getting your audience involved! Ask open-ended questions, include games, …

• For a Grading Rubric see the Grading Sheet at end of syllabus.

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