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Print news stories have the 5 Ws, but broadcast news stories have the 4 Cs (correctness, clarity, color and conversational style). These four Cs still serve as the basis for broadcast writing and form a good framework for talking about broadcast writing styles. (Review 8.2: Writing to be Heard in your text). Here are the rules for writing broadcast copy (you can find more details and explanations in your text on pages 124-130):

  • Use titles before names.
  • Avoid Abbreviations, even on second reference.
  • Avoid direct quotations if possible.
  • Attribution should come before a quotation, not after it.
  • Use as little punctuation as possible.
  • Numbers and statistics should be rounded off.
  • Personalize the news when possible and appropriate.
  • Avoid extended description.
  • Avoid using symbols when you write.
  • Use visual cues in your writing.
  • Use phonetic spelling for unfamiliar and hard-to-pronounce names and words.
  • Avoid third-person pronouns.
  • Avoid apposition.
  • Write in the present context when it is appropriate.
  • Avoid dependent clauses at the beginning of sentences.

The most common structure for broadcast news is called dramatic unity. This structure has three parts: climax, cause, and effect.

  • The climax of the story gives the listener the point of the story is about the same way the lead of a print news story does; it tells the listener what happened.
  • The cause portion of the story tells why it happened—the circumstances surrounding the event.
  • The effect portion gives the listener the context of the story and possibly some insight into what the story means.

There are examples of story structure on page 128 – 130 in your text (See 8.2.2: Story Structure).


Produce a script for a newscast. Take Assignment #2: On the Spot News Story and turn it into a segment for a newscast. While still following AP Style, write a script for one anchor. You are writing in a conversational tone as outlined in your textbook.


  • Do not simply read what you have already written for the previous assignment! You must change the written mews story to a broadcast story!
  • Think about what the focus of your story is before you write it!
  • Do additional research if needed.
  • Use a conversational tone (as stated in text and above).
  • Apply feedback given from the news story assignment.
  • Use quotes if needed to add to the story.
  • Time limit: 1:30 minutes.
  • Canvas allows you to playback your video before you submit, so you can record as many times as you need before. You will only have ONE submission attempt.
  • Note: You must upload a video file. This should be recorded in a quiet space to make sure your voice can be heard.
  • ***Do not wait until the last minute to upload your file. Files need time to upload based on size and connectivity. Technical difficulties will not be an acceptable excuse for not completing your assignment on time. Period!

this is my news story:

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